Alloy Fabrication’s makes Boilers and Pressure vessel’s and other structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. It is a value added process that involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. Alloy Fabrication will bid on a job, usually based on the engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract will build the product. Alloy Fabrication provides a multitude of value added processes in one location including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Alloy Fabrication’s offer’s additional value to their customers by limiting the need for purchasing personnel to locate multiple vendors for different services. Alloy Fabrication’s jobs usually start with shop drawings including precise measurements then move to the fabrication stage and finally to the installation of the final project. Alloy Fabrication are employed by contractors, OEMs and VARs. Typical projects are Power boilers , Heating Boilers , Pressure vessel’s. Alloy Fabrication has everything needed in house from a 500 ton press brake ,500 ton ram press , 65 ton iron maker to a 12 foot seam maker, And every thong in between. Alloy Fabrication America’s leading Safety and Quality boilers and Vessel Manufacture.


  • 12 Ft. ” Plate Shear
  • 10 Ft. X ” Plate Shear
  • 14’ Ft. X ” Plate Roll
  • 8’ Ft. X ” Plate Roll
  • Hydraulic Corner Notcher
  • Hydraulic Ram Press 75 Ton
  • Hydraulic Ram Press 500 Ton
  • 65 Ton Hydraulic Iron Worker
  • 12 Ft. Seam Welder
  • 8 Ft. Seam Welder
  • Weld Purge Chamber
  • Several AC/DC Welders
  • Several Weld Positioners
  • 26” Contouring Metal Band Saw
  • 24” X 16” Metal Band Saw