Turning, drilling and milling and Other operations falling into other categories include shaping, planing, boring, broaching and sawing are what Alloy Fabrications Provides. Turning operations are operations that rotate the workpiece as the primary method of moving metal against the cutting tool. Lathes are the principal machine tool used in turning. Milling operations are operations in which the cutting tool rotates to bring cutting edges to bear against the workpiece. Milling machines are the principal machine tool used in milling. Drilling operations are operations in which holes are produced or refined by bringing a rotating cutter with cutting edges at the lower extremity into contact with the workpiece. Drilling operations are done primarily in drill presses but sometimes on lathes or mills. Some of Alloy Fabrications work requiring machining will need to have some material cut away to create a finished product. A finished product would be a workpiece that meets the specifications set out for that workpiece by engineering drawings or blueprints. For example, a workpiece may be required to have a specific outside diameter. A lathe is a machine tool that Alloy Fabrications uses create that diameter by rotating a metal workpiece, so that a cutting tool can cut metal away, creating a smooth, round surface matching the required diameter and surface finish. A drill can be used to remove metal in the shape of a cylindrical hole. Other tools Alloy Fabrications uses for various types of metal removal are milling machines, saws, and grinding machines. Many of these same techniques are used in woodworking. More recent, advanced machining techniques include electrical discharge machining (EDM), electro-chemical erosion, laser cutting, or water jet cutting to shape metal workpieces.
Alloy Fabrications supports specialized needs for your business.

  • 13” X 4 Ft. Radial Drill
  • 18” X 8 Ft. Radial Drill Double Knee


  • 60” Tee Lathe
  • 60” X 10 Ft. Lathe
  • 34” X 10 Ft. Mazak Lathe
  • 18” X 5 Ft. Mazak Lathe
  • 5 ea. Additional Lathes 12” to 24” Swing
  • 4 ea. Bridgeport Mills
  • Track CNC Mill
  • Tool Grinders
  • 18” X 96” Universal Mill
  • Boring Mill 3 ” Spindale 72” X 72” Table 60” Vertical Height


  • 10” X 30” Surface Grinder
  • 4 ea. Drill Presses